Welcome to the FAQ section. Below we have listed some of our most frequently asked questions.

However, please do not hesitate to contact Lakeland Walks & Talks if you have any specific questions.

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Walk FAQs

  • 1) How difficult are the walks?

    Fell walking by its nature can be as easy or difficult as you would like it to be. Within the Lake District there are endless routes available that can be strolled easily or approached as a challenge. Here at Lakeland Walks & Talks we cater for all requirements. Whether it be a relatively easy stroll along Loughrigg Terrace including a loop of the Grasmere Lake or a difficult ascent of the Fairfield Horseshoe taking in 8 Wainwright’s, we will ensure you enjoy them all.

    What’s more, Lakeland Walks & Talks operates a ‘Walk to the Slowest’ policy which ensures that everybody within the group stays together with all members acknowledging the abilities of others.

  • 2) What level of fitness is required?

    By its very nature Fell Walking is an active outdoor activity. Therefore, a relatively good level of fitness is required to take part.

    At Lakeland Walks & Talks we pride ourselves on making the Lake District accessible to ensure that everyone can enjoy the jewels in the Lake Districts crown. Therefore, the majority of our walks are low-level offering a fantastic taster to fell-walking and discovering the Lake District. However, for those who do wish to venture out on more difficult routes these can also be catered for.

    Furthermore, private guided walks are available for those who wish to have a one-to-one experience where customers are able to walk at their own pace without the pressures of a group.

  • 3) Are the walks weather dependent?

    The Lakes wouldn’t be the Lakes without the rain! And for this reason there may be times when walks are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. If a walk is cancelled by no fault of the customer then Lakeland Walks & Talks will look to rearrange the walk for another date. If an alternative cannot be found then a refund will be made available.

    However, this does not mean to say that a little light rain on an overcast day will stop us venturing out! So long as visibility on the top of the fells is good and customers are well equipped for the weather conditions (as advised) then the majority of walks will commence as planned.

  • 4) What if the weather changes suddenly?

    While out walking, Lakeland Walks & Talks reserves the right to adjust (or even cancel) a route due to adverse/changing weather conditions for the safety of the group. Customers are advised that walks will only commence if members of the party are happy to continue and in doing so acknowledge that if the weather changes and the customer does not want to continue then this is by their choice. If the weather changes suddenly, then options for a talk over a nice warm coffee (or a local ale) in Grasmere village will be made available.


Talk FAQs

  • 1) Where are the talks conducted?

    Talks will take place during the course of the walk being undertaken and aim to engage with customers to showcase the best of the Lake District from Lakeland pastimes to modern folklore tales. Talk themes range from specific routes undertaken to more detailed presentations including ‘Collyhurst Cobbles to Lakeland Fells’ and ‘Attitude Determines Altitude’.

  • 2) How long are the talks?

    Whilst out on a walk the talk will last for the duration of the route. However, on the rare occasions where walks are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions talks can be completed at alternative venues with a duration lasting approx. 45mins.

  • 3) Can I book a talk only for a specific event?

    Yes of course! Talks can be catered for as one off events complete with Keynote presentation. Please contact for further details.


Equipment FAQs

  • 1) What equipment is required?

    In order to venture out on a Lakeland Walk & Talk suitable equipment is a must.

    We advise that all customers invest in a quality pair of walking boots and suitable weather dependent clothing such as; warm layers, waterproof jacket & trousers, hats & gloves.

    Lakeland Walks & Talks reserves the right to refuse to allow any person without the appropriate equipment to take part in the walk or event at any time without refunding the customer or any member of the party.

    If you require more advice with regards to equipment, please do not hesitate to contact Lakeland Walks & Talks.

  • 2) Is food included?

    Lakeland Walks & Talks takes no responsibility for providing food and drink to any customers taking part in any activities. Customers must ensure they have sufficient supplies for the activity being undertaken. Therefore, it is highly advisable that customers carry plenty of Food / Snacks (incl. packed lunch / energy bars / etc…) along with plenty of water.


Pricing FAQs

  • 1) Why do the prices vary for different walks?

    Walks are priced accordingly due to their categorisation. In general the low-level, shorter routes such as Loughrigg, Helm Crag and Easedale Tarn are priced at £25 per person. The longer routes such as Helvellyn and the Fairfield Horseshoe are priced at £45 per person.

  • 2) Why is there a discount for walks with group sizes of 10 or more?

    If the 10 person threshold is exceeded charges will drop to the following, £25 (longer routes) and £15 (shorter routes). This is due to the acknowledgement from Lakeland Walks & Talks that the guided experience is at its optimal with smaller group sizes.

  • 3) What if I want to extend the route. How will this be charged?

    Lakeland Walks & Talks reserves the right to amend pricing after booking if walks are chosen to be extended by the customer whilst taking part in the activity. If walks are extended / adjusted then the outstanding balance must be paid in cash upfront on the day of the activity.